A nő vászon hátizsák női vintage táska divat, hátizsák a tizenéves lányok retro Főiskolai hallgató, iskola táska szövet hátizsák

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4 689 Ft 6 253 Ft
  • Készleten
  • c440

  • A nemek közötti: hátizsák lady női táska
  • Bélés Anyaga: Poliészter
  • Fő Anyag: Vászon
  • Szállító Rendszer: Arcuatus Vállpánt
  • Márka Név: Tersmone
  • Hátizsákok Típus: Softback
  • Belső: Belső Nyílás Zseb
  • Fogantyú/Szíj Típus: Puha Fogantyú
  • Záró Típusú: HÚR
  • Dekoráció: Egyik SEM
  • Esővédő: No
  • Elem Típusa: Hátizsákok
  • Kapacitás: 20-35 Liter
  • Stílus: Alkalmi
  • szín: fekete, barna, khaki, kék hátizsák
  • Külső: Egyik SEM
  • Technics: Dombornyomás
  • Modell Száma: WBP096
  • Mintázat Típusa: Szilárd
  • Származás: KN - (Eredetű)

Backpack took for 578 R. Delivered in less than a week, for some reason at the point of issue CityLink. Backpack of coffee color, it is visible that the material is painted, I hope it will not shed. Thread. A lot of sticking threads, I had to trim. The lining is durable, but very rustling, as if the package is inside. Ties do not hold, you need to farm something. In the side pockets you can put the keys, the phone will not enter, if only the button) the big pocket includes an E-Book.
Louise Angels90
Nice backpack. It is sewn, there are no holes and flaws. Delivered to the apartment in 2 weeks.
Ravil Starik
The backpack is excellent, high-quality, the threads do not stick out anywhere. A little strange straps, but for such a price this is a minor remark. Pockets are sewn correctly, zippers work. It has been no more than a week from the moment of order and payment, until receipt. There was Delivery of DPD, the point of receipt themselves chose the pochtomat (changed on the site of the delivery service). Track tracked. The backpack is suitable for people with a large size. The length of the straps is enough if they are fully revealed. Color as in the photo. For such money just an excellent stylish backpack, I recommend.
The product corresponds to the seller's description, did not find any marriage. The backpack is neatly sewn, accessories for vintage. I think that I will complement the badges and key chains, it will be generally Super. Lining rustle, a little unpleasant. The size is not small, the capacity is good. I was pleased with the purchase.

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